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Get ready to be enchanteD-NA

Group Info

The fanclub of the rising Kpop group D-na
or Dae Guk Nam Ah
Founded 8 Years ago
Mar 6, 2010


Group Focus
Fan Club

189 Members
170 Watchers
7,663 Pageviews
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HQ w/ Eng subs MV

after seeing the MV i'd seriously rate it 1000/100 ^^
they really did an amazing job

like the fashion its very eye catching esp jay's sunglasses

the story was very well made esp karams acting VERY GOOD!

and they didn't forget to incorporate the red shirts aswell ^^ DAEHAMINGUK!

and we all know what they can do with thier amazing vocals but making it fit in with the auto tune was awesome ^^

and so was jay's rap

theyve also got that addicting repetetive line and infectious beat

and the dance was nice too ^^

now lets see them on stage ^^

Music Bank

spread the enchanted-na love <3
Street style
High def station photo

so do u like thier new image?
me? i love it ^^
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TomoDomoMomo Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Can you help AD an Asian Collage Role Play?
Just make a blog titled:
~Seoul Crystal Collage Of Mastery~
And post this, thank you if you can: :)


Hello Ladies and Gentlemen~
Welcome to your school~
This shall be your home for the next years~
Every nation of Asian are welcome here~
Please no bulling of any kind~
All male students shall~
Go to Headmaster for everything~
All female students shall~
Go to Headmistress for everything~
Please no secrets among this school~
Also no children, we are all adults here~
Please tend classes, study hard and be good~
Our Grades are as followed~
Grade 13: Ages 17-19
Grade 14: Ages 19-21
Grade 15: Ages 21-13
Grade 16: Ages 23-25

Our Mission:
To Help Our Students Grow Into Amazing Adults!

Dear Students,
We here at Seoul’s Crystal Collage of Mastery want to welcome you to our college where we hope to help you prepare for your future. Our school has be rated the highest in Seoul, and we are proud to have you join us to learn and grow.

Your Headmasters
Lee Jieun and Sanghyun Park

Join our new collage base kpop roleplay! We’ll be opening soon! ^^
Yes I know the greeting letter was cheese and heck… OTL
TomoDomoMomo Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Can you help AD a Yaoi Role Play? Just make a blog titled:
~Between Love & War~
And post this, thank you if you can :) :


It's been going on for MILLIONS of years, the war~

Between Undead and Undead, God and God, Lord and Lord~

Lycans took a stand from their Masters the Vampires~

The war is never ending, brother killing brother~

But than a new being comes to life…Hybrids…

The child of the ultimate forbidden love!

The mix bread of Vampire & Lycan~

The one thing that might end the ever going war?

Or the one thing to make it all worse?

Can a love so strong that it withholds a child,

Become the end of war, or the start of a new war?

Forbidden Love, Forbidden Children, Secret True Love,

Forever Hidden?

You decide your own fate…



As free as the wild through the trees, the water through the river, and the love in the of those left forever warm, we Lycans will raise up and become free from the grasp of the Masters of the Vampire! We are Lycans! We are not dogs! We will not let the Vampires use us as Slave Dogs any more! We are Lyrcans! If we stand together! We'll rule!



We are the rightful rulers! We feed of the blood of the living! We rule over the animals known as Lycan! We will not stand here and let the living think! They are not owned by the Vampires! We are forever, and we will be the Masters forever! We will not bow down to anyone! We are Vampires!



We are born of our worlds enemy, We are born of our worlds greatest sin, Should we all die, why are we alive, we are the worlds biggest enemies child, our parents tell us we are the end of the war…Are we really? Now I'm not so sure, maybe because we are the mix of strength we are weakest? Maybe we are born to be this scared, but we will become brave and take a stand…Maybe, when the time is right!!!



Vampires = Uke & Birth Givers

Lycans = Seme & Seed
sofantastickeytastic Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2011
could you post a Journal with something along these lines: I think if everybody went to the Help Desk, clicked on contact the help desk, then filed an account ban appeal for me for being unjustly . If you don't know the situation you can look at my other journal again, but basically I was banned for submitting false documentation to a FEW of my deviatians which the rules weren't clear that I couldn't put in what I submitted and I believe that I should have recieved a warning or simply had the deviations removed or the form not accepted. A full out ban for not fully understanding that I was breaking rules which were not clearly stated is too harsh. Please say something along those lines, everybody, if you can figure it out how and have the time. Hopefully if a lot of people send messages, maybe the staff will FINALLY look at a message and consider that what they did was wrong and be more considerate to others that may get in this situation.....

Anyway, the only way to get a response on this kind of large site is to BE REALLY ANNOYING! So please send a message, it would be so much easier if I could have my account back T T

It would help me a lot, and since we're all like family, we should support each other in tough situations like this...

Thanks XD
kisooni Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011

:iconorange-creamsicle: is holding a contest on her profile: [link] 3 winners, each will receive a feature on one of these well known kpop groups :iconkpoploversunite:, :iconk-popfans: ,or :iconkpoplovers:~!
sofantastickeytastic Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2011
i used to be heartykeykeke, but I just got my account banned for submitting 'false permission documents' sorry I was trying to save my deviations!!! This is my new account but I don't know hat I'm going to do now..........I'd appreciate it if you'd watch me as you did before, I'll try to figure out about putting my deviations back up
kisooni Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
I would like to invite you to join :iconkpoploversunite: ~!
Felicity1991 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2010
btw it's the boss not d-na :D
kaedereizei Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
what's the fandom name of D-NA? :/
koyangi23 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2010
:D They're holding the second poll to decide the official fanclub name~ Be patient~
kaedereizei Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
okay ^^
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